Onnoghen CJN And The Injustice Of NJC – Barr. Moses Oruaze Dickson

February 1, 2019 By:

Barrister and business leader, Moses Oruaze Dickson took to his twitter to explain the ongoing issues on Onnoghen removal. He tweeted

“‪So imagine yourself as a married man. ‬
‪Your family members came to your house while u were away, ACCUSED ur wife, humiliated her & drove her out of ur home & then,went ahead to bring a new wife (replacement) for you. ‬

‪You came back and u were told. ‬
‪Would you look for her, bring her back 2 take her rightful place first or would you leave her where she may be while u investigate & ask her to defend herself 4rm wherever she is WHILE their illegal bride stays in ur home & parades herself as wife?‬

‪This is a simple analogy to the rude injustice by the failure of the National Judicial Council to make clear declarations in this ongoing Justice Onnoghen matter. Like your family members, The president had no powers to “suspend “ the CJN. ‬

‪The NJC is duty bound to make a clear pronouncement to the effect that Justice Onnoghen remains the CJN pending their findings. Rather, like the new bride, Justice Tanko is illegally occupying the office right under their watch. ‬

‪In my 7 years as a lawyer, this is the worst and most embarrassing experience. Alas! Even if they do the needful today, it will never erase this disgrace, taint and desecration of the Temple of Justice. Our laws even says a man is presumed innocent till proved guilty. Haba! ‬

I decided not to quote sections of laws and cases and do all that legal jargons you know lawyers do. This is a very simple issue the people Understands and the constitution clearly made provisions for and even the Supreme Court has severally stated and Justice Tanko himself sat on.

Onnoghen has been condemned and pronounced guilty even before trial.

‪‪Trust Naija Governors – Very soon, They will unilaterally “suspend “ their Chief Judges and indeed, the CJ would wax in the cold while investigations and unending cases last up to the Supreme Court and the Governors will not care. In fact, they would so calculate it well to outlive their tenure. ‬

‪‪As a matter of fact, very soon, judges will be battling torrents of “high-tech lynchings” & malicious allegations just to set the tone for d executive arm to do this needful. This is a dangerous trend hence the constitution insulated judicial officers from this distraction.‬

‪As you see me in the photo above, standing proud inside the sacred courtroom in the Supreme Court today, This experience will live in infamy. ‬

‪The evil that once was is RE-EMERGING.”

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